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As they say "Life is too short to stay in one place". So always be ready to pack your bags to explore the world. Just see new places and meet new faces. Inhale Trips team is on a constant search for places and adventures for those who are just a wandering soul, in need of an exciting new adventure. We help you in collecting moments, not things. There are so many breath taking places in the world to visit. Some are ancient, some are magical and some are like heaven on earth. All will you do is dreaming about them before you arrive. Plan your next vacation with Inhale Trips !!

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The Unnoticed And Unexplored Diu Island

Detached from the Indian mainland, Diu Island has evolved its own distinct aesthetic and a fairly compact city. From low-key towns with just the right amount of civilization to unmarked empty roads awaiting exploration, Diu has a charm that keeps those who know coming back for more. Diu is one of two cities of The Indian union territory, Daman and Diu, but 675 km far from Daman. Stretching around 40 km². A tiny island tucked away off the coast of Gujarat, bordered by crystalline Arabian sea water and sandy and seashell beaches.